5 MW

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Fiber intros



The three-story data center in Oostkamp is one of the most advanced and green data centers in Europe. Here we not only offer redundant infrastructure, privacy options, and network connections, DCO is also very ecologically designed.


With space for no less than 60,000 servers we offer companies the opportunity to set up their data, information and data securely and redundantly. The datacenter lies on the international internet axes London-Frankfurt and Paris-Amsterdam. All major network providers are connected to these axes. Thanks to the redundant dark fiber connections with the other data centers, we occupy a unique position in the Flemish data center landscape.

Green, greener, greenest, thatacenter Oostkamp

Thanks to the innovative arrangement of the building and its environmentally friendly design, we made it into the press several times and received both national and international recognition with two Flemish and three European awards. With a PUE of 1.30 Oostkamp data center is therefore one of the greenest in Europe and we are not inferior to IT majors such as Google and Facebook.

Smooth accessibility

The data center is quietly located in rural Oostkamp, but still easily accessible via exit 9 of the E40 and centrally located near Bruges. You won't be bothered by traffic jams!