About us

DCstar has been providing affordable, energy-efficient, and most importantly, reliable colocation services since 2005. Through our way of working we distinguish ourselves from other data centers. We are proud to carry the ISO 27001 certificate, which means that the quality of our services is constantly monitored.

Around the table

Solid partnerships

What perhaps most distinguishes us from other data centers is our approach. We want to communicate clearly with our customers. Like you, we're not into fine print, unagreed-upon surcharges and discounts that are directly proportional to your negotiating skills. Instead, we listen to your wishes and needs. On the basis of these we work out a suitable advice. We then stick a correct price on it that we explain in a transparent way.

Transparent communication

"People speak people" is our motto. All our employees are not only qualified, but also highly motivated. Do you experience problems or have your needs changed? Then we will always be there to listen. Around the table we come to solutions and adjust our cooperation.

Our guarantees

Customer satisfaction, that's what DCstar is all about! Our end point is never the signature on a contract. Our goal is that you are satisfied with our services and that we can build a transparent and trusting partnership.

We do not like empty promises and only offer guarantees to our customers that we can keep. Below you will find our guarantees laid down in a Service Level Agreement.

99.999 % uptime

Our data centers are built in such a way that a backup can be called in for each system. This takes over if a circuit should fail. We guarantee that each feed is powered at least 99.9 % of the time. Since our racks are equipped with an A and B feed as standard, our customers can count on an availability of 99.999%.

Temperature between 18 and 26 °C

By constantly monitoring the air temperature in our data centers, we guarantee 100 % of the time to have the right temperature values. We aim for 22 °C. If a 2° limit is exceeded, we take active measures, but never does the temperature fall outside the limits of 18 and 26 °C.

Dew point between 5 and 15 °C

We guarantee 100 % of the time to have the correct humidity level by constantly measuring it. The humidity is measured as dew point and is always between 5 and 15 °C.


DCstar bears responsibility for the maintenance of its facilities, both by its own employees and by third parties. The maintenance is, in accordance with the ISO 27001 guidelines, described per component. Via internal and external audits the maintenance is arranged, controlled and followed up. The customer has the right to request an audit of the system at its own expense.

Planned works

During scheduled work, DCstar 100 % guarantees availability of its redundant setups. Works that have an impact on that service or that cause a temporary reduction in redundancy are communicated to the customer. Where possible, we can schedule them by mutual agreement.


DCstar guarantees 100 % access to the data center for customers. In case of problems, our support service can always be reached via the intercom. Access can then be opened remotely after official identification. DCstar also reserves the right to refuse people on security grounds.

24/7 support

When you call our NOC, you will get an answer within 15 minutes. This service is free during office hours and always when you call from one of the intercoms in our data centers. If you contact us from another location outside office hours, this becomes a paid service.

Our green story

All of our green efforts result in our energy costs being nearly 50 % lower than the same, traditional setup.
A benefit that we let our customer enjoy through the invoice!


How efficiently a data center uses energy is expressed in PUE, where 1 PUE equals all the energy needed to power the servers. A traditional energy-efficient data center requires 50 % as overhead energy (e.g., for cooling and lighting).That's a PUE of 1.5. Thanks to all our green efforts, DCstar has been able to reduce that overhead to 30 %, which equates to a PUE of 1.3.

Green Energy

In addition, the 3,500 m² of solar panels at Datacenter Oostkamp offset that loss to such an extent that our total consumption is under 1 PUE. Also, our in-house designed cooling system, which uses the natural elements of outside air and rainwater to keep the temperature in our data centers optimal, is one of the most energy efficient systems.


All of our green efforts ensure that our energy costs are almost 50 % lower than with the same, traditional setup. A benefit we let our customer enjoy through their bill!