Multi data center
& Mirror data center

Do you want an absolute guarantee of a secure setup for your IT infrastructure? Then choose a multi-data center solution within our three data centers. You can set it up quickly and efficiently thanks to the redundant dark fiber connections.


Place a server, rack or room solution within one of our three data centers and connect it to the other environments via an interconnect. This can be done with our own product DCinterconnect and/or the products of our partners. Use a third location as a backup site to ensure that your data is completely safe.

Customized solutions

DCstar data centers doesn't just provide the infrastructure for multi-data center solutions. We are also happy to assist you with tailored advice. Our partners can further assist you in setting up and maintaining a secure setup.

Higher security

Customers can build out this setup in full redundancy through our internet access. This multi-data center solution also helps companies with their disaster recovery plan. Additional plus, with our proprietary products, you can secure your data in a cost-effective manner.

Our other colocation services

What can we do for you? Our three local data centers provide the optimal environment for your IT infrastructure to run as securely and productively as possible, with an eye for flexibility.

Private rooms

Rent a private room. A space specifically and solely for your equipment in our racks!


No more need to expand your server room. With us, you simply rent more or fewer racks.

Data Centers

Oostkamp Data Center

Brugsestraat 196/1
8020 Oostkamp

T 050 70 25 00
[email protected]

Ghent data center

Poortakkerstraat 33
9051 Ghent

T 09 331 69 70
[email protected]

Data center burcht

221-223 Antwerpsesteenweg
2070 Burcht

T 03 291 02 50
[email protected]