Through our DCinterconnect you are assured of a secure link between your infrastructure and this at an affordable price.
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Customers can use our interconnect that run between our data centers and to cloud environments. These redundant fiber rings arrive at the core switches within our data centers each time. 

If you purchase a port on this infrastructure, you can connect between the data centers or the cloud environments offered. To deliver the infrastructure redundantly to your rack, you can choose to connect interconnects to two ports.

The interconnections between the DCStar data centers provide an extra secure link between your infrastructure at an economical price.

DCStar has a basic network based on the various service providers within our data centers. We provide connectivity in 2 ways:

  • via fixed links of any port size
  • through an advantageous price per consumption that allows to build a high speed connection at a soft price.

With over 30 GB of remote Internet connections, dcstar delivers fast and reliable network connectivity with no-nonsense SLAs.

Through our own AS (AS42160) we deliver networks through two central points. This allows us to offer redundant solutions.

DCstar is network neutral

Customers can call on the network provider they want. After all, our data centers are carrier neutral and many providers are already in place.

Don't have specific connectivity requirements? Then you can use our standard product DCinterconnect.