1 MW

HS feed


Fiber intros



Datacenter Ghent is an important hub for Internet infrastructure in Ghent. This is thanks to its strategic location and construction. Since its opening in 2013, it has offered facilities for all types of customers. Multinationals, governments, users from the Ghent web scene, everyone is welcome. The lounge and meeting room combined with the standard co-location facilities are the perfect base for ICT service providers.


In Ghent we mainly offer private rooms. This is to ensure the highest possible level of security while respecting the privacy needs of our customers.

The data center is built according to the same philosophy as our other data centers. This enables us to offer the same, continuous service to our customers. In Ghent, we attach equal importance to:

Network hub

The data center is located on the international Internet axes London-Frankfurt and Paris-Amsterdam. All major network providers are connected to these axes. The redundant dark fiber ring allows customers to easily set up an interconnect between the data centers, thus connecting their infrastructure.

Smooth accessibility

Datacenter Ghent is located on the industrial estate 'The Loop' and is easily accessible via exit 14 Sint-Denijs-Westrem of the E40. Handy if you have to carry out an urgent intervention and need to be on site quickly! Be careful not to go too fast, because there are speed cameras on The Loop that do their job well. The maximum speed is 50 km per hour.